Sunday 29th November

Hello everyone!

Today is Advent Sunday.

Today we start the countdown to Christmas, and while it may not be a Christmas like any other we have experienced, I am sure we will all still do our best to make it extra special. We very much hope that we will be able to meet in church again on Sunday 6th December.

We have a number of items for you to enjoy.

First, there are the weekly Children’s “Church in a Bag” resources which you can find here.

Second, there is a short Advent Reflection which you can find here.

Third, since we cannot meet to light the Advent Candle there is a short prerecorded video here, which will be followed each week by a similar video until Christmas Day.

Don’t forget that our Virtual Advent Calendar starts on the Tuesday, 1st December, we’d love you to join us each day until Christmas as we open our calendar. You can find it here. Have fun!

Finally, its not long until our next Family Service Video, so please do remember to send in your pictures of Christmas crafts for the gallery!

2 thoughts on “Sunday 29th November

  1. We have discovered this on You tube a can now watch on our TV so it is like being part of the congregation. Many thanks. Hope we can see you all soon
    Bob and Carolyn


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