Passion Week at St John’s and St Mary’s.

This week is Passion Week when we follow the unfolding of the story of Jesus as he moved from the excitement and celebration of Palm Sunday, through the rejection, shame and agony of the cross, to the overwhelming joy of the resurrection.

There will be a number of services:

Maundy Thursday – Holy Communion at St Mary’s, Bruera, 7:30 pm.

On Good Friday a cross will be carried around Aldford, and will end at the church at 2:00 pm to be followed by:

Good Friday – Short time of reflection at St John’s, Aldford, 2:00 pm

Sunday Easter Day – Holy Communion at St John’s. Aldford, 10:15 am.

We ask that at all these services the members of the congregation wear face masks at all times, and keep a distance of two metres from anyone not in their immediate bubble.

Holy Communion will be offered in one kind – bread only. Please only partake if you feel comfortable doing so. Jesus is received by faith, and you can still take a real part in the service, receiving the healing gracious presence of Jesus, even if you do not want to receive the bread.

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