Sunday 26th July

Jules is away this weekend so there is no recorded service from St Peter’s in Waverton.

Instead we are offering a reflection, which was delivered last week as a sermon at St John’s, Aldford.

You can find it here.


Because of the current Covid-19 pandemic we are unable to provide an activity area for children during our services. 

Instead we are offering “Church in a Bag.”

Each bag will contain a number of activities, and a snack, for the children to use during the service.

If you have been unable to attend a service and would like the resources, they will be available here.

Hope you enjoy these.

Sunday 12th July – Family Service video & Good News!

This Sunday would normally be our Family Service.

Since we still can’t meet, we have produced a video and some downloadable resources for the children.

You can find them here.

The Sunday Service has been posted by the Revd Jules Beauchamp. 

We very much hope you enjoy it.

The service is available for viewing here.

We also have some good news!

From Sunday 19th July we hope to resume meeting at 10:30 am for short, socially distanced, services in St John’s, Aldford., from Sunday 23rd August at 6:30 pm at St Mary’s, Bruera.

Everyone will be very welcome, but there is no pressure to attend.

Please take care, and only do what you feel comfortable with.